Pregnancy Yoga and Mindfulness with Carly Cullen



Focusing on slowing down, relaxation and building/maintaining strength — from the moment you become pregnant your body releases the hormone relaxin (making your muscles, tissues and fibres softer in preparation for birth). This means your body may be more vulnerable than usual, certain poses should be avoided while others will help relieve pain/discomforts and help support your growing babe.

Pelvic floor awareness — did you know that during a physiological (vaginal) birth your baby will use your pelvic floor muscles to help pivot and spiral their way to earth? Toning, engaging, awareness and autonomy of this muscle group will help baby move into the world. The pelvic floor muscles are also incredibly important to support the weight of your baby in pregnancy; and during postpartum to your pelvic floor supports your contracting uterus and the realignment of your internal organs.

Breath Techniques

Breathing techniques — you will learn different ways to breathe to regulate your nervous system, relieve stress and worry while guiding you to the present moment. If you can activate your rest and relax response (parasympathetic nervous system) it will help to soften and open your body. Breath work also calms and focuses the mind to help ride the waves of intensity and make clear decisions.


Time for you — an opportunity to quieten the noise. When was the last time you had an hour dedicated to your body and mind? An hour away from a screen, work or tending to other’s needs? Yoga provides space for you to get to know yourself, to feel into embodiment and to connect to the growing being within you.

Meet like-hearted folks — we’ve all heard the saying “it takes a village.” Community support is vital throughout pregnancy, postpartum and while raising children. Meet others on this journey through friendship and support.

“Whenever and however you give birth, your experience will impact your emotions, your mind, your body, and your spirit for the rest of your life.”

 — Ina May Gaskin



I’m Carly, a birth worker and yoga practitioner living and working on Kabi Kabi/Gubbi Gubbi Country (Sunshine Coast).

Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 350 HR) | Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Training (RYT 85 HR) | Breath Work Facilitator (CCB)

Facilitating a mother’s preparation for birth through prenatal classes is where I get to blend my knowledge of birth, the maternity system, anatomy, physiology with yogic movement, meditation and breath work. As a birth worker I’m passionate about advocating and sharing tools that you can take away and integrate during this rite of passage. 

I learnt meditation in childhood through Ananda Marga education and crossed paths with the physical practise of yoga (asana) in my late teenage years. Yoga provided me with a homecoming; a practise to explore, introspect and bond with the essence of myself.