Pregnancy Yoga 5 Week Immersions



12 Jul – 9 Aug: SOLD OUT

20 Jun – 22 Jul: SOLD OUT

18 May – 15 Jun: SOLD OUT

13 Apr – 11 May: SOLD OUT

9 Mar – 6 Apr: SOLD OUT

2 Feb – 2 Mar: SOLD OUT

Bookings essential. Limited spots available. 




$150 per immersion. One free space available per term. Payment plans available (contact to arrange).




Wednesdays | 5.30 – 6.45 pm
Peregian Beach Community House



Reparations and transparency

I acknowledge my role in making my offerings more accessible. One free ticket is available for every prenatal yoga immersion for anyone who has been affected by hardship (whether financial, systemic or something else).

To live and work on Indigenous Land I acknowledge my responsibility in social change. 5% of all prenatal yoga profits will be donated to Waminda’s Birthing on Country initiative. And when you book your yoga term through Humanitix they take a percentage of ticket sales to donate to their affiliate non-profit organisations.



1:1 Sessions


1:1 Conscious Connected Breath Work (CCB) sessions

CCB is profound and intricate. It is an aware, engaging breathing technique that can give the breather modulation between different states within the body. This could appear through feeling different sensations, observing and processing thoughts and emotions that arise, unravelling different images/visualisations or through autonomous or involuntary movements. In a Conscious Connected Breath Work session I facilitate the technique, presence, co-regulation and support/guidance (if needed). However, you are the conductor of your experience. The intention and purpose of a CCB session is individual and personal. There are many ways that it can impact life, it can:

  • be a journey into the inner landscape
  • deepen self-connection, embody mindfulness
  • change the way a person relates to themselves and others
  • create more awareness of patterns and behaviour
  • help process heavy feelings like grief and sadness
  • be a tool in therapeutic healing
  • tend to the nervous system and self regulation
  • be deeply spiritual
  • unravel perspectives and beliefs
  • be a container for acceptance, understanding, compassion and curiosity
  • discharge or release energy in the body that the body remembers or recalls from past experiences
  • be a modality in preparation for birth



Location: Home studio (Marcoola area).

Investment: $150 (2.5 hours). Payment plans available. BOOK



1:1 Private Yoga Sessions

This experience is one tailored just to you, you can expect: movement and yoga, breathing techniques and meditation, journaling and visualisations, education and information.

These sessions can be solo or with your birthing partner.


Location: Home studio (Marcoola area) or mobile service to you.

Investment: $80 (1 hour) or $100 (1.5 hours). Payment plans available. BOOK



Workshops / Retreats


Reignite Retreats

Reignite Retreat: a transformative 4 day Retreat guided and supported by facilitators to hold space for you to nourish your wellbeing, rewire your mind and provide strategies for habit and behaviour change – leaving you with practical tools that can enhance your life.

Purify Retreat: a transformative and energising 4 day Retreat, providing you a place and a space for you to support your mental, emotional and physical state of being. Includes powerful workshops, strategies, techniques and innovative ideas that you can apply to your life.

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